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Through a series of very specific questions, precisely determines your weaknesses and your role.


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Thanks to all our innovative tools, you effectively solve your weak points and work on your strengths.

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With our innovative training system, plays effectively with players of complementary roles.

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All the innovative tools developed by our teams all aim to take you to the next level.

Identiy your level and your role

Answer a few questions in a few minutes and determine your exact level and your role. It's fun, fast and free, come and try!

Get a complete training program

We've built algorithms and practice-based guides that make you the best player!

Play with complementary roles

Search, single or multiple an online match against other platform users who also wish to improve their level and weak points. Play finally face people of your level!

Search the team made for you

Thanks to precise level identification, meet players of complementary roles and create your team following your requests! The best players just have to stand!

Esport Management is a web platform dedicated to manage an esport team. Thanks to this platform you can manage easily and efficiently a noob, semi-professionnal or professional team.


  • Jeux de Sophia : ZANG ZANG Team wins our LAN !
  • Jeux de Sophia : We organize the 1st esport LAN of the French Riviera
  • ESM : New identity In progress...
  • ESM : The administrative center has its own office!
  • ESM : Marketing & Communication's Team has its own office from now on

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